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Six of the Best Matthew Arnold Poems

The best poems of Matthew Arnold selected by Dr Oliver Tearle Matthew Arnold (1822-88) is largely remembered for one great Victorian poem: ‘Dover Beach’. But he wrote a number of other classic poems beside this. What are the best half-dozen of Matthew Arnold’s poems? We offer our recommendations below. ‘Dover […]


Interesting Facts about War Poets

By Ana McLaughlin As the hundred year anniversary of the Battle of the Somme approaches (1st July 2016), here’s a look at the most interesting biographies of our greatest war poets, and some surprising facts you might not know about them. Lawrence Binyon (1869-1943) wrote ‘For The Fallen’, with its […]


Life as the Secret Victorianist

In this special guest post, the Secret Victorianist tells us about her secret life blogging about Victorian literature In my wallet I keep two business cards, but only one has my real name on it. On the other I masquerade as the Secret Victorianist – the pseudonymous blogger I created […]