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10 of the Best Poems about Venice

Venice is a destination on many a bucket list, and the distinctive topography and geography of the city have made it a popular tourist attraction for centuries. And poets throughout the centuries have used Venice as a backdrop for their work, or have sung the city’s praises. So here are […]


10 of the Best Poems about Pictures

There is a special term to describe literary depictions of visual works of art: ekphrasis. Poems about pictures or paintings are, then, ekphrastic poems. But what are the greatest ekphrastic poems in English literature? Here are ten of the very best examples of ekphrasis from the last couple of centuries. […]


The Best Poems for November

It’s time for the latest in our series of ‘month’ poem compilations. This time: November, the month of much darker evenings, colder nights, and barer trees – the last of which being something Thomas Hood’s poem, included below, captures very effectively. Here, then, are some of the very best poems […]