Life as the Secret Victorianist

In this special guest post, the Secret Victorianist tells us about her secret life blogging about Victorian literature

In my wallet I keep two business cards, but only one has my real name on it. On the other I masquerade as the Secret Victorianist – the pseudonymous blogger I created to keep my interest in nineteenth-century literature alive, after I left academia to work a nine to five job.

At first being the Secret Victorianist didn’t really impact my day-to-day life. Sure, I had to set some time aside to write and publish blog posts and had a few more social media accounts to juggle, but the novels I was writing about Secret Victorianist 1I’d written about many times before, as an undergrad and graduate student, and I had a wealth of notes, lecture hand-outs, and essays to draw upon for material.

In those early days I shared general thoughts and tips – for example, on the misconceptions people often expressed to me when I told them I liked Victorian writers, or the shorter texts people could dip into if they didn’t know where to start.

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