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Five of the Best Edward Lear Poems

The greatest poems by Edward Lear selected by Dr Oliver Tearle Although he’s well-known as a pioneer of the poetic form known as the limerick, Edward Lear (1812-88) wrote a number of other classic poems which are among the finest examples of ‘nonsense verse’. Here are five of Edward Lear’s […]


The Children of the Owl and the Pussy-Cat

Edward Lear’s sequel to his classic nonsense love poem Did you know that Edward Lear wrote a sequel to ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’? ‘The Children of the Owl and the Pussy-Cat’ first appeared in Angus Davidson’s Edward Lear: Landscape Painter and Nonsense Poet in 1938. It makes it clear that the cat […]


Five Fascinating Facts about Edward Lear

Interesting Edward Lear facts: concerning his life and his contribution to nonsense literature 1. He helped to popularise the limerick. Although he did not invent the form, the five-line comic verse known as the limerick (though nobody is quite sure why) in effect came of age with Edward Lear’s popular […]