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10 of the Best Poems about Paris

Selected by Dr Oliver Tearle Previously, we’ve offered ten of the best poems about the city, ten of the best New York poems, and some of our favourite poems about London. Now, it’s time to hop across the Channel to the French capital, with ten of the greatest poems about […]


A Short Analysis of Moliere’s Tartuffe

An introduction to a classic French play Tartuffe is one of Molière’s masterpieces. The play was first performed as a three-act comedy in May 1664, and was immediately denounced for supposedly ‘attacking’ religion through its portrayal of the pious titular hypocrite, Tartuffe. The religious zealots who objected to the play […]


A Very Short Biography of George Sand

The interesting life of a pioneering French writer ‘George’ was the pseudonym of choice for nineteenth-century women writers: George Eliot (Marian Evans), George Egerton (Mary Chavelita Dunne). But these women were following an unconventional French writer in choosing to Georgify themselves for publication. In this post, we offer a very […]