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10 of the Best Poems about Fame and Celebrity

For Emily Dickinson, fame is a bee; William Shakespeare, in the opening words of Love’s Labour’s Lost, described it as the thing that ‘all hunt after in their lives’. Poets have often written about celebrity and being famous, so here are 10 of the best poems about fame, glory, and […]


10 of the Best Poems about Movies

Since the invention of moving pictures or ‘movies’ (or films) in the late nineteenth century, writers have incorporated this new medium into their work. Rudyard Kipling wrote an early short story about the new technology of the cinema; and it didn’t take long for the poets to follow suit. So, […]


The Best Poems for October

Selected by Dr Oliver Tearle What are the best poems about the month of October? It’s proved a surprisingly fruitful source of inspiration for poets, even if it lurks behind the spring months of March and April somewhat. Below, we’ve picked some of the very best poems written about October.