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Five Fascinating Facts about Blaise Pascal

Fun facts about the life and work of Blaise Pascal, mathematician, philosopher, and writer 1. Pascal’s wager is often proffered as a good rational argument for believing in God – but it has a few major problems. ‘Pascal’s Wager’ stems from Pascal’s interest in probability as well as his philosophical […]


Five Fascinating Facts about Herodotus

The life and work of the first great historian 1. Herodotus has been called the ‘father of history’, as he pretty much invented the entire discipline. It was Cicero, the acclaimed Roman orator, who branded Herodotus the ‘father of history’, and sure enough it was Herodotus who first gave us […]


Guest Blog: Landscape and Literature

In this guest post, Professor Roger Ebbatson talks about his new study of landscape in literature of the period 1830-1914, and sketches out some of the key links between people and their environment in this pivotal period in British history. In examining the ‘spaces’ of literary production in the nineteenth […]