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14 of the Best Synonyms for ‘Stupid’

Words, of course, are the tools of the writer’s trade. But what are some good words, perhaps even some unusual but wonderfully descriptive words, which mean ‘stupid’ or ‘foolish’ or ‘gullible’? Here are some of the best, most useful, as well as some of the most unusual synonyms for ‘stupid’ […]


18 of the Best Synonyms for ‘Lazy’

Alternative words for laziness, compiled by Dr Oliver Tearle The English language possesses more than a few good words that mean ‘lazy’ or ‘a lazy person’. Below, as well as some of the more common synonyms for ‘lazy’ or ‘laziness’, we’ve trawled the old dictionaries and thesauri to find some […]


35 Great Drinking Words and Synonyms for ‘Drunk’

Some interesting synonyms for ‘drunk’, plus other useful words relating to drinking There are few words that have more colourful synonyms than ‘drunk’, ‘intoxicated’, ‘soused’, ‘pickled’ – whatever you choose to call a state of alcohol-induced inebriation. Writers have often drawn on these synonyms for intoxication, and have even added […]