The Answers to the Best Literature Quiz

Earlier this week, we posted 20 fiendish questions in a post we called ‘The Best Literature Quiz’. Below are the answers to the 20 questions, with links providing further details if you’re curious to know more. How did you do? If you managed 20/20, we think you’re some sort of modern-day Thomas Young, a truly ‘omnilegent’ soul. If you got 15-19, we tip our trilby to you. If you got 11-14, you did well to avoid our book-traps. If you got 6-10, good effort but bad luck on slipping up a fair few times. If you got 5 or fewer, then the solution is obvious… You need to read more of our posts! Here are three of our personal favourites to get started, on poets, on words, and on reading.

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The Best Literature Quiz

The best and most fiendishly difficult literature quiz – can you answer all the questions?

We’ve put together an interesting literature quiz – and we think it’s the best literature quiz around (but then we would say that). It might be considered a long-awaited sequel (long-awaited by whom we’re not sure) to our ‘true or false’ quiz compiled for April Fools’ Day in 2014. Below are 20 questions, each of which is accompanied by three possible answers. There, it’s a multiple-choice quiz – surely it can’t be that difficult! But beware: there may be a few traps waiting for the unsuspecting book fan. Indeed, virtually every question is potentially a trick question, so tread carefully…

The answers to the quiz can be found here.

1. The word ‘trilby’, ultimately derived from the name of the title character of an 1894 novel, originally referred to which of these?

a) A hat
b) Shoes
c) Feet

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