7 Must-Have Tools to Become a Creative Content Writer

By Veronica May

Supplying creative content is the key to being a successful writer. It does not matter if you are only a part time freelancer, or a full time writer, your content is crucial. With that being said, always providing creative content can be frustrating depending of the project. There are going to be times when you feel stuck, or not at all enthusiastic about your subject matter. Fortunately, the 7 tools listed below can help you keep your content creative, fresh, and exciting.


Wridea is a free site which allows you to save, explore, and share content ideas. In operation for almost ten years, the site has developed into a widely used idea sharing and management service. As a user you will have the ability to organize and categorize your ideas on different pages. This means you can have multiple streams of thought active for a number of different projects at once. When you invite friends to Wridea, they have the accessibility to comment and collaborate on your ideas, and you on theirs. The site also offers a search engine built specifically for seeking out new creative idea content.


Write or Die is possibly the most ingenious writer’s block destroyer in existence. This site offers everything you could ever want or need for a creative writer. It allows you to participate in the Word War, a challenge between writers for the quickest rough draft completion. If editing is your issue, they also offer the Edit Minion, who is currently in beta testing for chapter editing. For the writer who needs some mental creative content exercise, the Write or Die simulator will allow you to free flow write with the added incentives of rewards and punishments.


If you are completely stuck on your content and need the assistance of a professional, A-Writer can help. This site offers professional writing for a reasonable price. If you needed a three page piece in the next 24 hours, it would cost right around $100. They offer privacy on all services, as well as a guarantee on their work. The delivery times are standard, and always adhered to. If editing is what you need, A-Writer can do that for you too.


Pen.io is a software program online that allows you to publish blogs and other articles for free. The interface is Writing picturesincredibly user friendly and quick. There is no sign up or setup process. Simply type in your content and post it. They offer options for layout and design to ensure that your piece will be attractive to the online world. The program can be used for more than blogs, you can also create tutorials, creative writing spots, notes, and an online resume.


Writers is the self-described hub for all writers, publishers, editors, and agents. This site is essentially a directory of all of the persons related to the writing world that you would ever need to make your own written work a success. There are forums and discussion boards for asking and answering all of the questions related to writing. Sign up for this site is free, only requiring the basic information and the building of a profile. Their emails will keep you up to date on current writing topics and trends.

The Story Starter

If you need a prompt for a creative story, The Story Starter is a wonderful tool. Everyone from working adult writers to children in schools can use this program to generate a story topic. Examples of their prompts include “The youthful crossword puzzle maker flew a helicopter near the White House in August to avoid the argument” or “The clean cook cleaned the keyboard in the sunken ship three days ago to clear the record”. You will never run out of interesting and fresh creative writing ideas with this site.

Arts & Letters Daily

Arts and Letters Daily is the site you want for intelligent and thoughtful writing information. Their system, which is updated six days a week, provides news related to global journalism topics. They have sections related to newspapers, magazines, and book reviews. Arts and Letters Daily also provides its users with breaking news reports, essays, and opinions. On the whole, this site is a journalism outlet for more than just journalists. Subscribe to their newsletters and receive daily information about all writing topics.

With these 7 Creative Writing Tools, you will always have the ability to write content that is up to date and in demand. Take your notes and scribbled ideas one step further for continued writing success.

Veronica May is an experienced editor and blogger. She has written for multiple online publications, where she strives to share her knowledge and opinions. Her main focus is covering a variety of topics in the field of education. Add her on FB.

Image: ‘A kid drawing or writing‘, by dotmatchbox on Flickr, 2011; Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Interesting. The “Story starter” also has a (superior IMO) “Story starter jr” which gives simpler prompts. The regular “Story starter” is kind of silly, but I could actually run with the stuff on the Jr version.


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