25 Weird and Interesting Little-Known Phobias

25 rare phobias – how many of these do you suffer from?

It’s well-known that a fear of spiders is ‘arachnophobia’, but what’s a fear of wasps? What’s the name for a fear of remaining single forever? We’ve been scouring the reference books for some less well-known phobias and have compiled the definitive list. Although some of the following phobias are pretty weird, we like to think that many of the phenomena they describe are quite common.

Koinoniphobia is a fear of being in a room full of people.

Deipnophobia is the dread of dinner-parties.

Scopophobia is a fear of being stared at.

Medectophobia is the fear that one’s penis is visible through one’s clothes.

Automysophobia is a fear of being dirty.

Bromidrosiphobia is a fear of body odour.

Anuptaphobia is a fear of remaining single.

Pocrescophobia is a fear of putting on weight.

Peladophobia is a fear of going bald.

Allodoxaphobia is fear of other people’s opinions.

Cat phobia

Ergophobia is a fear of work.

Kakkorhaphiophobia is fear of failure.

Sphexophobia is a fear of wasps.

Myrmecophobia is a fear of ants.

Hemophobia is a fear of blood.

Tropophobia is fear of change.

Chorophobia is a fear of dancing.


Syngenesophobia is a fear of one’s relatives.

Siderodromophobia is a fear of trains.

Gerascophobia is a fear of growing old.

Iatrophobia denotes a fear of going to the doctor.

Sanguivoriphobia is a fear of vampires. It literally means ‘fear of blood-eaters’.

Taphephobia is a fear of being buried alive.

Kinemortophobia is a fear of zombies.

Phasmophobia is a fear of ghosts.

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Image: A cat arching its back up and hissing at a dog, by Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez, 2005; Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I have to memorise ALL these words!

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  4. I have three of them, but I’m not saying which ones so they cannot be used against me. Wait, did that just give one of them away? Erg.

  5. Never knew these. So glad you shared!

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  7. You learn something new every day!

  8. Is there a word for fear of strange word lists :)?!

  9. Fantastic cat…gorgeous.

  10. Sanguivoriphobia can also be applied to ticks and mosquitoes, can’t it? Just returned from a camping trip in the North Woods of Wisconsin…this was quite a topic, especially when I discovered a tick on the steering wheel as I was driving home. Yes, I pulled over! My heart rate remained normal, however. :)

  11. I am definitely on the train for gaining weight, failure, work, being single, and medecto.I’ve de-tagged myself from several pictures on facebook for this purpose.

  12. The general name for a fear of writing in public is scriptophobia. It takes many forms and can be positively disabling. It does not respond well to most forms of therapy and is a life sentence for many, many sufferers.


  13. Not definitive. A fear of writing one’s own signature is very uncommon, and I’m unsure of its name, but it is definitely a recognized phobia.


  14. I know a fair amount of people suffering from Syngenesophobia …

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