When the founder of this site isn’t writing about other people’s poems, he writes poetry himself.

Over on his personal poetry blog Calenture, you can read some of his shorter poems, linked to below:

The Mediums’: a poem about quitting social media.

Fell’: a poem about towers throughout history and their dark symbolism.

Earth Summit’: a poem about climate change.

Conjunction’: a modern metaphysical love poem about the 2020 superconjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

Closures’: a social distancing poem and a new take on the villanelle.

Carthage’: a poem about the ancient civilisation.

The Cashpoint’: another modern metaphysical poem, and a contemporary take on the pantoum form.

London is the Capital of Great Britain’: a poem about the rental property situation in the UK capital.

Key Phrases’: a poem in which clichés are held up to the looking-glass.

The Rough Guide to Croatia’: a poem about the Black Sphinx of Split, Croatia, at Diocletian’s Roman palace.

Ariadne’: a modern take on the story of Theseus and the Labyrinth.

Sea Glass’: a poem about a common seaside phenomenon.

You can read more about his long poem about the year 2020, The Tesserae, in this separate blog post.