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The Best Facts about Classic Authors

Since we began publishing our occasional series, ‘Five Fascinating Facts‘, a couple of years ago, we’ve covered a range of famous authors across well over 50 posts. What follows are our 15 most popular posts in this ‘Five Fascinating Facts’ series (hence our labelling them the ‘best’ of all our […]


Five Fascinating Facts about J. G. Ballard

Interesting facts about the life and books of J. G. Ballard 1. When they rejected J. G. Ballard’s 1973 novel Crash, one publisher remarked that the author was ‘beyond psychiatric help’. Known for exploring unusual and controversial human impulses and their relationship to modernity and technology, Ballard said that everything he […]


Life as the Secret Victorianist

In this special guest post, the Secret Victorianist tells us about her secret life blogging about Victorian literature In my wallet I keep two business cards, but only one has my real name on it. On the other I masquerade as the Secret Victorianist – the pseudonymous blogger I created […]