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  1. Dear,
    My Vietnamese people are suffering for the 37 years when the American people are great happy. As you know many Vietnamese Paid soldiers that their lives were hurtful since they were servicing for Americanism. in the end of their lives was injured by the Kissinger cheater of treaty of peace in January 27, 1973.
    But you are Human rights Foundation, you did not struggle with your own cheater of the American strategists in order to bring happiness for the Vietnamese people. As you know my own body is discriminated by the American laws, but no one helps me, I could not have my time to share with you.
    I would like to offer this poem to you.
    Need more learning
    Collected in Bright Quang of poetic book

    Get ready to learn great things

    Never forget what we have learned

    From our teachers. Straining to hear, listening

    To reason, we wash* out our ears and turn away

    To avoid error and wrong. The Golden realm

    And the Jade Mount never last long

    While one poem lasts forever. The Flowers

    And grass turn toward the sun for strength.

    Illiterate men have no future



    *The yore, Chinese king, calls his mandarin and says:

    I’d like to abdicate in favor of his mandarin, so his mandarin would like to submit his king and to say:

    Dear My King, let me wash my ears and I’d give ear to you again.

  2. Wish I had more time to delve into my favorite characters! I will make time in the future.

  3. ~ Bright Quang said:
    The great hope of America society is individual character.
    Therefore, my life is not to be a brick, which lies under dirty mud.
    Instead, I see my life as a brick, which supports the building of the
    American democracy.

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