Tired of browsing the shelves and fancy a nice Colombian coffee and a natter with other literary types? Try these friends of the Librarian:

Peripeteia, run by Neil Bowen, aimed especially at A-Level and undergraduate English students, with helpful forums covering many aspects of English literature.

The Secret Victorianist, devoted to lesser-known works of Victorian literature.

And the excellent Victorian Web has some fine resources for the student or enthusiast of Victorian literature.

The marvellous Quote Garden, with fine quotations for every occasion.

Pete Wharmby‘s blog on teaching English, among many other fine things.

Jonathan Taylor, writer and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, on poetry, novels, memoirs, and much else besides.

Alexander Atkins runs this glorious page, Bookshelf, which is full of fascinating posts about literature, language, and related subjects.

The great Gary Dexter‘s blog on how books got their titles and other fine literary matters.

Kenneth Hickey’s superb blog ‘A Year in the Academy‘, on studying an MA in Modernities at University College Cork.

Himadri Chatterjee, the Argumentative Old Git, on all manner of literary interests.

The excellent book blog, Kaggy’s Bookish Ramblings.

  1. What a very cool site! Thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag! I hope you’ll come back and see us again soon. We look forward to our comments. Meanwhile, keep up the good work and happy writing!

  2. This is a fantastic idea, thank you!

  3. I gotta third what Cheri & Daniela said: great idea for a site. Thanks for the follow, hopefully it wasn’t done solely to get a follow back, but if it was, it worked! Looking forward to future posts and catching up on your back catalog.

  4. I connected to your site after seeing the CFP on UPenn’s website. My colleague and I (both graduate students at Michigan State University) also run a literary wordpress, Emerging Modernisms, focused on fostering conversation and pre-publication writing for graduate students and young literature professionals. This site is fantastic; I really admire the work. It’s a great model for the creation of an online literary community.

    • Thanks, Anna! I really appreciate that. I also appreciate the follows on Twitter, too. I’d heard of Emerging Modernisms before, though I cannot recall where/when! Suffice to say, I’m following your blog now and will spend what I suspect will be a very pleasurable few hours tomorrow morning over coffee reading some more of the marvellous posts you have there. If either you or Laura would ever consider writing a guest post on your research, do let me know – I’d be happy to feature you on here, either singly or as joint contributors (possibly talking about your blog?). I have a research interest in modernist literature (particularly T. E. Hulme and the imagists), and am trying to provide more coverage and feature more articles on that aspect of literature on this blog, so I’m always keen to hear from more modernist researchers and scholars.

  5. Thanks for the mention and for pointing me towards some great blogs! :)

  6. Trek Books has its list of favorites. Thanks for sharing yours.

  7. A tremendous resource. Thank you so much.

  8. This website is great! I’m so glad I stumbled upon it! I’m off to read several very promising articles!

  9. Thanks for following my blog and letting me know that you exist. This is a really interesting site.

  10. Amazing stuff here! Thanks for liking one of my poems, and for following the blog! I shall now explore this site.

  11. Okay, now you’re going to cost me *hours* of writing time while I explore this site of yours. Um, thank you? :)

  12. The World Word is at ease here :) Keep on doing, you have a new follower! Friendly, S.Biard^^.

  13. Been looking for a good all around blog on Shakespeare. Something entertaining and written for the lay person and not about the debate on who wrote those plays. It is obvious to me who wrote them.

  14. hello everyone

  15. Amazing website! A great resource! Thank you. :-)

  16. Thank you SO much for sharing my blog! Your work is outstanding. :)


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