10 Stunning Libraries from Around the World

Our previous post on this subject, 10 Amazing Pictures of Libraries, proved so popular that we decided to put together a sort of sequel to it. Here are ten more stunning pictures of libraries from various countries, each of which will give the bibliophile, bibliomane, and bibliosexual something to enjoy.

Library 11. Merton College Library, Oxford, UK. Picture credit: Tom Murphy VII. Wikimedia Commons.

Library 2



2. Sofia University Library, Bulgaria. Picture credit: Anastas Tarpanov, via Wikimedia Commons.



Library 3


3. Interior of the Malatesta Library, Cesena, Italy. Picture credit: Uomodis08, via Wikimedia Commons.








Library 44. Wroclaw University Library. Picture credit: j_cadmus, via Flickr and Wikimedia Commons.






Library 55. Aberdeen University Library. Picture credit:




Library 66. Science library of Upper Lusatia in Görlitz, Germany.

Picture credit: Ralf Roletschek, via Wikimedia Commons.





Library 77. Scott Library, York University, Toronto, Canada.

Picture credit: Raysonho, via Wikimedia Commons.






Library 88. University library of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.

Picture credit: Thaler, via Wikimedia Commons.






Library 99. The British Museum Reading Room, London, UK. Picture credit: Diliff, via Wikimedia Commons.




Library 10

10. Biblioteca del monastero di Strahov, Prague. Picture credit: Peopanda, via Wikimedia Commons

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out our previous piece on a similar theme, 10 Amazing Pictures of Libraries.


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  3. The Budapest library is particularly impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. These are gorgeous. I would love to travel someday and just visit every bookstore and/or library.

  5. What a fine collection of libraries, but as I looked at the post I couldn’t help thinking about a news story which has recently surfaced in England. I refer to new £180 Million pound Library in Birmingham which has announced that it will not only be heavily restricting the purcahse of new books, but that it will be actively encouraging owners of new books to mdonate them to the Libarary so that that others can share their enjoyment of the written word.

    For those interested in this story follow the following link

    It also raises the issue of the services that a Public library should serve. Gone are the days of Public Libtaries as pure non profitable public service literary services, in England anyway. Now they must pay their way. Economically this makes sense, but can such services ever truly pay their way?. We live in interesting times, but I wonder what lies in the future. The great libraries will, I’m sure be retained becaquse of their content and historical importance, but what of the library service for the common man?

    Just a few thoughts, that’s all

  6. Just beautiful. There is nothing quite as breath taking as a beautiful, well stocked, library.

  7. And #11 is the Folger Shakespeare Library.

  8. To me, the most beautiful library is the one with the mustiest books. :)

  9. ❤️😍

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  11. If I had the means I would love to spend time in some of those libraries The Austrian one was Beautiful as was Germany and the First one Pictured Oh and Budapest :-)

  12. Thank you for sharing the post. I enjoyed it. Personally, I like the picture, University, Budapest, Hungary one.

  13. I wish I worked in one of those

  14. No downloading of books will ever take away the joy of a beautiful library

  15. I want to live in all of them……