10 Great Pictures of Cats and Books

We all love cats, right? And we all love a nice book. So for this latest picture-post, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite pictures of cats and books, for your purrrfect enjoyment. All were labelled for reuse via Google Images, so feel free to share these felines.

So, if you’re an ailurobibliophile, sit back and enjoy these cat-tastic and book-mongous pictures…

If you enjoy these, you might also want to read our 10 quotes from writers about cats, and our 10 great (and cute) facts about writers and cats, in which we look at Dickens’s fake cat books and the weird and wonderful names of Ernest Hemingway’s many pet cats.

cats and books1. Picture credit: raider of gin, via Wikimedia Commons.








cats and books2. Picture credit: taylor dahlin, via Wikimedia Commons.







cats and books3. Picture credit: Eden, Janine and Jim, via Wikimedia Commons.







cats and books4. Picture credit: myoneway, via






cats and books5. Picture credit: TLVshac, via Flickr.






cats and books6. Picture credit: Ernest J. Rowley (1902), British Library, via Wikimedia Commons.






cats and books7. Picture credit: Boril Gourinov, via Flickr.








cats and books8. Picture credit: Danny Ayers, via Wikimedia Commons.






cats and books9. This is a painting called ‘The Love Potion’, by Pre-Raphaelite artist Evelyn De Morgan (1855-1919), painted in 1903. The name of the cat, sadly, is not recorded. Picture credit: Evelyn De Morgan, Wikimedia Commons.







cats and books10. Picture credit: Apionid, via Flickr.




  1. I particularly love the first two.

  2. A winning combination!

  3. They’re purrrrfectly delightful!

    • The best work of literature featuring a cat as a main character has to be The Life & Opinions of Tom Cat Murr by Hoffmann. See my blog for his cat blog! My philosopher-cat Phoebus is also there!

  4. All that’s missing is the cat turning the ‘pages’ of a touch sensitive Kindle!

    • Oh, that would be a great picture :)

      • Yes – particularly accompanied by a bemused owner whose book no longer makes sense!. One of mine has a habit of giving the Kindle a good old nose rub if I’ve temporarily put it down, open at the page I’m reading, and I can come back to find apparent gobbledygook, or the murder I hadn’t even got it, mysteriously solved!

  5. Awww :)

  6. Two of my favorite things.

  7. This is a literal “fluff” blog. haha! Sharing on Twitter! It’s perrrfect for the Monday blues.

  8. Reblogged this on Just Another Blog and commented:
    Cats and books are a purrrrrrfect combination.

  9. How simply adorable. Thank you.

  10. This makes me wish that my cat was into something other than food.

  11. Really appreciate the /cat/cats on the bookshelves.

  12. Glorious!

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  14. Cute :)

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  16. Annie Romero

    Cats are truly one of the most fun animals! Their indifference makes me shake my head. Every time I pick up a book my cat can hear it a mile away and comes over to prevent me at all cost from reading that book! Luckily I am reading Animal Lover by Ann Hoff, and now I have better insight to what he thinks when he won’t let me read my book! Although I have to be in stealth mode if I want to get the reading done!

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