The Importance of Being Interesting

Here’s a piece our founder-editor, Oliver Tearle, wrote for the Durham University ‘Research in English at Durham’ blog page on ‘the importance of being interesting’…


ilIn this guest post, Oliver Tearle, editor of the Interesting Literature blog, explains how and why literary research can be made interesting to a wider audience.

D. H. Lawrence was fond of climbing mulberry trees in the nude to stimulate his imagination. Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group once convinced the Royal Navy they were a group of Abyssinian princes by donning fake beards and painting their faces black. George Eliot was the first person to make reference to ‘pop’ music. These are just three of the things I’ve discovered in the last year, since I embarked on a project to find the interesting side of literature. I did this partly because of that perennial question, or invitation, which preoccupies (and haunts) many a PhD student and academic researcher: “Tell us about your research…”

Increasingly in Higher Education, academics are being encouraged to communicate their research to a…

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  1. Dear Oliver,

    Anything that brings literature closer is important, trivia/factoids included.

    And knowing cool things is cool. That is a fact.

    Love your blog.


  2. Good discussion on ways to encourage public engagement with literature and research in general.

  3. Oh, yes, there are scads of great tidbits on writers. The muse of writing is often quite amusing.

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